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In the flooded market of fat loss and energy enhancement supplements it’s nice to have a product like Vulcan that you can trust and give you what you need, when you need it. Back in the days of ephedra, products were laced with powerful, but potentially harmful ingredients. Scientists had to go back to the drawing board time and time again to find something that would elicit similar results without the negative side-effects. Many have tried, but we have succeeded. Vulcan is the product that will give you all-day sustainable energy, focus like your life depended on it, and thermogenic effects that will keep your body fat levels in check throughout the year.

With the cutting edge ingredient amperall (2-Amino-4methylpentnae), Vulcan will energize you for hours, while enhancing focus and alertness. This cutting edge ingredient offers smooth, long lasting energy as well as increased mental focus and concentration. Vulcan is the strongest and most efficient fat burning supplement ever created. Not only will you have better workouts due to increased energy and focus, you can do it on lower calories, fewer cravings, and peace of mind knowing your body is in complete fat burning mode 24 hours a day.

One of the most popular ingredients in Vulcan is theobromine. One of the key ingredients in chocolate, theobromine is excellent at improving insulin sensitivity. The word itself actually comes from the Greek words meaning, “Food of the Gods.” Instead of putting real chocolate in Vulcan we cut to the chase and cut out the calories, by simply grabbing the valuable cocoa extract and adding it to Vulcan. Giving you the calorie and guilt free benefits that chocolate offers.

And because Vulcan includes amperall, we didn’t need to go overboard with the caffeine, but any great fat burning supplement wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s a potent CNS stimulant and triggers fat cells to break down and release fat by increasing output of epinephrine. It also supports your metabolic rate and promotes athletic performance and appetite control. There’s a reason it’s the world’s most widely used stimulant.

Add in the incredibly popular raspberry ketones for an added boost in metabolic rate and we covered all of the bases in this product. When researchers took isolated fat cells from rats and made them grow in a test tube, adding raspberry ketones to the mix had two effects. First, it increased the breakdown of fat, primarily by making the cells more sensitive to the effects of the hormone norepinephrine, and second, it made the fat cells release more of the hormone adiponectin; a hormone that is released by fat cells and is believed to play a role in regulating metabolism and blood sugar levels.

As you can tell, Vulcan is truly a throwback fat burner from the glory days of fat burning supplementation. We recommend that you start with just one capsule per day and test your tolerance. After a few days you’ll be ready to take the full serving of 2 capsules per day. This product is for men and women, bodybuilders and those just looking to lose weight. Prepare yourself, as this will be the only fat burning and energy enhancing product you will only use.

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